St Alfred's Online Christmas Eve Service

Elizabeth Oldland
11 months agoDecember 24, 2020
Thank you to each and everyone who put together this wonderful service.
Ilse Bohnenkamp
11 months agoDecember 24, 2020
This was a wonderful service - thank you all who made this possible
11 months agoDecember 24, 2020
Thankyou everyone involved in putting this fantastic C-mas Eve Service together. I pray that with it being on line more people might possibly find out what C-mas is really all about, without having to suffer the embarrassment they might otherwise feel if they were actually game enough to attend a service at a Church. Love and many blessings to all at St.Alf's at this special time. JaneP. To
Helen and Ian Phelan
11 months agoDecember 25, 2020
A fabulous service. Many thanks to everyone who was involved in putting it together. Great watching online for those of us who are nocturnally challenged. The family friendly gathering at the school oval was also a wonderful event - such a blessing to be able to sing together again after so long. Thanks to all the staff and volunteers who have worked so hard to bring us the weekly worship services over the last 9 months.
Nicole Trajcevski
11 months agoDecember 25, 2020
It was brilliant. Really touched my heart. Thank you St Alfred’s.
Sharon Currie
11 months agoDecember 26, 2020
A very big thank you to everyone involved in this wonderful Christmas Eve Service and the Carols on the school oval, I have watched & loved all your on-line services over the past months and feel truly blessed to belong to St.Alf's and give thanks to you all, staff & volunteers.
11 months agoDecember 30, 2020

margaret buckley
11 months agoJanuary 8, 2021
very beautiful service love the singing readings,and the baby waving arms around , thank you St alfs
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